MyselfAntarctic continent is a vast desert of ice. It is also one of the most unknown areas on Earth, especially for its ice evolution.

Is it melting, or is there ice accumulation ?
In this period of global warming, we must improve our knowledge of this far land.

I am PhD student at the Dynamical Meteorology Laboratory (LMD-IPSL), Sorbonne Université and my work is to improve our understanding of the precipitation process over Antarctica, from observations and with climate models.

Indeed, I am involved in the development of the LMDz/IPSL climate model and I’m focusing on the different parameterizations controlling the snowfall over Antarctica, such as snowfall speed or cloud to snow transition mechanisms. I then compare my simulations to the CloudSat satellite observations and the Dumont d’Urville field campaign observations to verify if the model precipitates well, all with the aim of making reliable climate predictions.

This research is part of the APRES3 project.