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Escape Productions

Compagny, since Dec 2019

During my years of research at the CNRS, I realized that the communication that allows my work and that of my colleaguesto be highlighted to the general public is often poorly done by the classical media. The subjects we address are nevertheless of public interest, and in the current context of global warming, there is an urgent need to communicate on these environmental issues.

I therefore decided to create the micro-company Escape Production, allowing me to make scientific films for the general public on various subjects related to the environment and climate.

PhD – December 2019, 3rd

PhD subject
Antarctic precipitation – Microwave remote sensing and parameterization in a global climate model.

Jean-Baptiste Madeleine & Chantal Claud.

Comparison between continental LMDz simulations and Cloudsat observations over Antarctica in order to identify biases in the model. Development of new microphysical processes to improve snow precipitation in the model and comparison with pluriannual MRR precipitation profiles at Dumont d’Urville.


Academic education

2015 – 2016   
2nd M.Sc. final year, Planetology and space exploration, Université Paris Saclay.

2014 – 2015   
M.Sc. final year, Geophysics – solid earth, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

2013 – 2014   
M.Sc. 1st year, Geology and geochemistry, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

2010 – 2013   
Bachelor’s degree, Geosciences and environment, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

Research Experience

Sep 2016 – Dec 2019   
Antarctic precipitation – Microwave remote sensing and parameterization in a global climate model, supervised by J-B. Madeleine and C. Claud, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Sorbonne Université.

Mar – Jul 2016   
Heterogeneities within 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko core : simulations and analogies of the CONSERT radar signal, supervised by V. Ciarletti and J. Lasue, Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales, Université Paris Saclay.

Feb – Aug 2015   
Modeling the radar backscatter on Titan’s dune fields, supervised by A. Lucas and S. Rodriguez, Laboratoire Astrophysique Instrumentation Modélisation, Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique.

Mar – May 2014   
Origin of Siderite in sediments of the Lake Pavin, supervised by V. Busigny, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Université Paris Diderot.

Feb – Mar 2013
Petrology and geochemistry of sulfures in metasediments buried by subduction, supervised by V. Busigny, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Université Paris Diderot.


F. Lemonnier, A. Chemison, H. Gallée, G. Krinner, C. Claud, J.B. Madeleine and C. Genthon.
Evaluation of coastal Antarctic precipitation in a regional and a global atmospheric model with ground-based radar observations. Copernicus, Geoscientific Model Development, in revision.

M.L. Roussel, F. Lemonnier, G. Krinner and C. Genthon.
Evaluating Antarctic precipitation in ERA5 and CMIP6 against CloudSat observations. Copernicus, The Cryosphere, in revision.

J.B. Madeleine, F. Hourdin, J.Y. Grandpeix, C. Rio, J.L. Dufresne, D. Konsta, I. Musat, A. Idelkadi, L. Fairhead, E. Millour, M.P. Lefebvre, L. Mellul, F. Cheruy, O. Boucher, E. Vignon, N. Rochetin, F. Lemonnier, L. Touze-Peiffer and M. Bonazzola.
Improved representation of clouds in the LMDZ6A Global Climate Model. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systemes, in revision.

F. Lemonnier, J.B. Madeleine, C. Claud, C. Palerme, C. Genthon, T. L’Ecuyer and N. Wood.
CloudSat-inferred vertical structure of precipitation over the Antarctic continent. Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, AGU 2019.

F. Lemonnier, J.B. Madeleine, C. Claud, C. Genthon, C. Durán-Alarcón, C. Palerme, A. Berne, N. Souverijns, N. van Lipzig, I.V. Gorodetskaya, T. L’Ecuyer and N. Wood.
Evaluation of CloudSat snowfall rate profiles by a comparison with in-situ micro rain radars observations in East Antarctica. The Cryosphere, Copernicus 2018.

A. Lucas, S. Rodriguez, F. Lemonnier, A. Le Gall, C. Ferrari, Ph. Paillou and C. Narteau.
Texture and composition of Titan’s equatorial region inferred from Cassini SAR inversion : Implications for aeolian transport at Saturn’s largest moon. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets, AGU 2018.

V. Ciarletti, A. Herique, J. Lasue, A. C. Levasseur-Regourd, D. Plettemeier, F. Lemonnier, C. Guiffaut, P. Pasquero and W. Kofman.
CONSERT constrains the internal structure of 67P at a few-meter size scale. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2017.
Journal website

As reviewer

Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, AGU – J. C. Ryan, L. C. Smith, M. Wu, S. W. Cooley, C. Miège, L. N. Montgomery, L. S. Koenig, X. Fettweis, B. P. Y. Noel and M. R. van den Broeke. Evaluation of CloudSat’s Cloud‐Profiling Radar for Mapping Snowfall Rates Across the Greenland Ice Sheet, 2019.

The Cryosphere, Copernicus – N. Souverijns, A.Gossart, S. Lhermitte, I. V. Gorodetskaya, J. Grazioli, A. Berne, C. Duran-Alarcon, B. Boudevillain, C. Genthon, C. Scarchilli, and N. P. M. van Lipzig. Evaluation of the CloudSat surface snowfall product over Antarctica using ground-based precipitation radars, 2018.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Copernicus – R. Bennartz, F. Fell, C. Pettersen, M. D. Shupe, and D. Schuettemeyer. Spatial and temporal variability of snowfall over Greenland from CloudSat observations, 2018.


Apr 2018
Polar Prediction School 2018
Chaotic systems and predictability, polar boundary layer processes, polar clouds, sea ice and high latitude ocean processes, polar extreme weather and polar-mid-latitude linkages. North Pole, Abisko research center, Sweden.

Dec 2016
ModNum Formation 2016
Training in numerical modeling tools. Sorbonne Université, Paris, France.

Nov 2016
LMDz Formation 2016
General Circulation Model, used for both climate modeling and numerical weather forecast. Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris, France.

Teaching Experience

2016 – 2019
Teaching assistant at Sorbonne Université, undergraduate Geoscience courses.

2012 – 2013 
Tutor at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, 1st year Geoscience courses.

Relevant Skills

Languages : French, English (fluent) – German (basics)
Video and sound : Cameraman, video editing, recording and mixing, stage manager
Computer graphics : DaVinci Resolve, Reaper Cookeo, Cubase, Photoshop, Shotcut video editor, Illustrator
Computing :
Linux, Windows
Programming : Matlab, Fortran, Bash, GIS
Desktop : publishing LaTeX, OpenOffice

Laboratory Activities

Communication managerLMD social network
General manager for the 50th anniversary of the laboratory.