I am teaching assistant at Sorbonne Université – Earth, Environment, Biodiversity faculty.

Current teaching activities

2017 – 201-   Atmospheric and oceanic sciences, 2nd year University Bachelor degree.
2017 – 201-   Geomorphology1st year M. Sc.
2016 – 201-   Geophysics, 3rd year University Bachelor degree.

Past teaching activities

2016 – 2017   Geosciences I1st year University Bachelor degree.
2016 – 2017   Geosciences II1st year University Bachelor degree.


Master students :

Alizée Chemison – Antarctic clouds : comparison between the LMDz model and ground LIDAR measurements at Dumont d’Urville french station.

Undergraduate students :

Alizée Chemison – The future evolution of Antarctic precipitation as predicted by the LMDz climate model
Valérian Guéry – Ridel faults experiment.
Victor Vasseau – Lithospheric collision experiment.
Léa Launay, Rose-Nelly Ogandaga-Capito – Casagrand box experiment.
Valentin Cloué, Nicolas De Gelis – Ridel faults experiment.
Léa Poli, Jonathan Barte – Lithospheric collision experiment.
Alice Mauge, Jessie Gueguen – Casagrand box experiment.